Friday, February 29, 2008

A Kind Of Loving

I have been told that A Kinda Of Loving/Linda Sole/Red Rose Publishing will be out next month (March) and hopefully Chateau Despair in April. I have also contracted An Impetuos Miss and Ryan's Son to Red rose Publishing. An Impetuous Miss is a Regency and Ryan's Son is a contemporary love story.

I have been told that Eternal Press would like to publish Too Hot To Handle and would also like to see more of my work. Too Hot To Handle is contemporary and sensual. It was first published by Triskelion but the rights were bought and returned by Siren Publishing, which was extremely good of them.

On the print front, I am about to do the proofs for Love & War/Anne Herries/Severn House. This is the second in the Upstairs, Downstairs series set at the time of the first world war. I have a Regency out in the Uk next month with Mills & Boon and The Lord's Forced Bride is out in paperback and ebook in the USA. The third in the Sarah Beaufort Mysteries - A Different Kind Of Justice/Linda Sole/Severn House is out next month in hardback. So as you can see,I have been very busy over the past year or so, which is why I don't always manage to remember my blogs.

I recently had my website updated and the stories that used to be available are now on Linda's Story Blog, which can be acessed through the website.

I think that is all my news for this week. I am posting a cover of A Kind Of Loving for you. Best wishes, Linda

Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Dreams Come True is now available

By Pat Cromwell

When Dreams Come True is an upbeat romantic story. Not a lot of angst and turmoil, but a delicious fun journey with two people who are fated for one another. What a ride. The hero, Kenneth Ingram, must to have been a very good boy because his dreams certainly came true. He meets Chris and she slides into his very being like a runner to the finish line. She instantly becomes everything to him, his heart, his soul, his sweet inspiration, his dream come true.

He wants forever. But Chris is jaded – she’s given up on fairy tales and happily ever after. So he has to convince her to trust him, love him, and believe again and let dreams back into her life. He’s not worried that he will accomplish this and the challenge she presents is no hardship for this guy. Follow their journey as Kenneth enlightens his lady love that ... When Dreams Come True, nothing is left of yesterday's pain.

A couple paragraphs in a post is not enough to tell you about this guy and what he does to get his woman ... so check out the video as a prelude to the book and see in living color the recipe he cooks up to serve the lady he's determine to make his main dish - forever!

The video touches on Kenneth's determination for happy ever after with the girl of his dreams -- the book is his expose of how he does it -- I merely took dictation.

And boy does this guy do it right! At the end of the day the lady in question, Chris, is dreaming of wedding bells, honeymooning in Fiji and baby booties! But she’s jaded and the battle between her head versus her heart (and those raging hormones) is in full force. To borrow a phrase from Macy Gray ... she's dreaming and feening, when she tries to walk away … well you know the tune. But he's not worried and he's definitely up for the task. After all, when dreams come true, the bumps in the road are worth it.

Excerpt (just enough to further wet you appetite):
“I think…this is about sex," she said nonchalantly. However, as she gripped the phone she indulged herself with a fantasy that maybe it wasn’t just lust. Could it be love?

"Perhaps it’s all about sex for you, but definitely not for me." The conviction in his voice was unmistakable. “I’ll work overtime to make sure you understand what it really is. You’ll see, honey, and when you least expect it, the realization will bite you in the ass the way it did me. But don’t worry, Chris, I’ll kiss it and make it better.”

You can read his story by visiting Red Rose Publishing and picking up a copy today.

As always … Happy Reading!

Pat Cromwell
When Dreams Come True (

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Destiny's Choices gets 4.5 Roses!!

Wow! I'm so psyched today, okay I admit it I've been psyched for a few days now! LOL Red Roses for Authors/Reviews gave my Native American romantic suspense Destiny's Choices 4.5 Roses. This was one of those unexpected reviews that comes like a thief in the night and surprises you. I am ever so grateful to Morna for the delightful review she did for Destiny's Choices, thank you Morna! :-)

This review is well worth checking out as are the others on the Red Roses for Authors website. So, if you were looking for one more reason to get your copy of Destiny's Choices, well here it is folks! You can read the review here.

For those of you who are wondering if there is going to be more in store for James and Tiana, the answer is a resounding YES! I am working on a sequel tentatively titled Destiny's Decisions, and of course there is my holiday short Destiny's Holiday which you can still win a copy of by visiting my website and participating in my current contest! So stay tuned, there is more to come.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good morning--and I do mean morning. It's 5:15 am and dark outside but I wanted to say hello before I go out into the world to work.
I'll be happy when the sun will be coming up before I go to work and still be up when I get home at 7:30 pm. That's a long day but I only do it two days a week. Any way, I will be happy when Spring comes back and the snow melts away in a figurative and literal way. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm looking forward to warm sunny days and they're just around the corner. Thank goodness. March is about to arrive and, here in the South, that means Spring. No matter how March begins, the end is always wonderful. It's also my birthday month and, even though I'm not so crazy about the advance of years, that's a celebration, too.
I'm looking up Latin phrases for my WIP, Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride and I have found some good ones. I'll end my chatter with this one:
Die dulci freure (Have a nice day!)
Sarah McNeal

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Witch and The Wolf has been released!

He's a spy for the British Crown…she's a woman desperate for revenge—together their love will save the British Empire and make them both believe in second chances.
Read the excerpt and buy the book at New Concepts Publishing!

  • The Witch and The Wolf at New Concepts Publishing!

  • My historical paranormal full length book, The Witch and the Wolf was released at New Concepts Publishing on the 21st! Needless to say, I am quite delighted!

    Friday, February 22, 2008

    News from Uk

    This month has been busy with visits to the RNA Romantic novel of the year awards, the Mills & Boon 100th birthday party and this week a chapter meeting of the RNA. it makes it difficutl to fit in all the blogs and the writing as well as all the stuff we all do. However, I managed to get off soem stuff for a new book to an agent/friend and she likes it a lot. It means even more work this year but if this book comes out right it is important. It is for one of the big publishers mainstream Uk and I have my fingers crossed.

    Cassie's Sheikh has got to number seven in the Red Rose Publishing list at fictionwise. I am not sure exactly what this means but again, fingers crossed. I hope it is doing well for my publisher. I should have another book out with Red Rose soon called A Kind of Loving. I am going to give you a small excerpt from that now.

    It had been warmer than this earlier in the year but there was a definite bite in the air that morning and it was already the second week of May. Perhaps the cool weather was the reason she was feeling a bit out of sorts with herself, because she was down and there was no real reason for it. She ought to be feeling on top of the world, Verity thought as she parked her car in the yard at the back of the shop.
    The gravel crunched beneath her feet as she took a large bunch of fragrant lilies and roses and her cumbersome shoulder bag from the boot, before going through the narrow alley from the yard into the main street. This past year had seen the realisation of one of her dreams, something that gave her great personal satisfaction. But there was a problem, a dark shadow that hovered at her shoulder.
    It was in her mind as she unlocked the door of her small shop, lingering like a bad smell as she keyed in the number to cancel the alarm and walked through to the back room, which she used as her office. She removed her warm red jacket and fluffed out her chestnut brown hair in front of the mirror; her eyes were that greenish brown that some call hazel. Underneath her jacket she was wearing a slim-fitting black dress. There was only just over another two months to her fortieth birthday but she didn't look too bad. She'd kept her figure well after Jane's birth and there hadn't been any more children. She'd been sorry about that, and for a while she'd hoped that she would have another baby, but somehow it hadn't happened; though there was no medical reason why it shouldn't.
    Was that what had gone wrong between her and Michael? Had they grown apart instead of bonding into a family unit? Would it have been different if they'd had a son? She knew that Jane was very much her daughter and thought that perhaps Michael sometimes felt a bit left out.
    She puzzled over it as she arranged her flowers in two old and rather beautiful cut-glass vases. One she stood in the little room that was fairly private but which, through a window, gave her a view of the shop interior, and the other she carried out to replace some dead roses standing on the desk that took centre stage of her window display. She stood for a moment to admire them, pleased that she'd taken time to stop and buy the flowers on her way in. Perhaps it was an extravagance to spend so much on fresh flowers, but she did love to see them about the place.
    Verity was frowning as she returned to her office, picked up a tin of the special beeswax she always used for her antique furniture and took it into the shop. She had made it a practice to polish a couple of pieces of furniture each morning, to keep the place smelling of fresh polish and the potpourri she had in bowls set at various points about the shop. Her customers always remarked on the beautiful smell; it relaxed them, and her friendly manner encouraged them to trust her enough to buy. Her trade had started slowly at first, but people came back and her reputation had grown this past year.
    Usually the very fact of being here amongst these beautiful things was enough to make her relax herself. She loved the feel of the silky finish of old wood, the way her cloth glided over the surface of a beautiful antique table or an elegant desk. Looking at them gave her a sense of permanence, of satisfaction, and knowing these things were hers to sell gave her a purpose. She was doing something she wanted to with her life at last.
    Verity stood with the cloth in her hand as she considered. Had she wanted to marry Michael Lovelace nearly twenty years ago? She'd been pregnant with Jane, and it had seemed the natural thing to do – but had she really wanted to be his wife? She supposed that she must have done. There must have been a time when his smile had made her feel good, when his jokes had made her want to giggle, his touch had sent the blood racing through her veins. Yes, of course there had! It was just that it was hard to remember these days. He spent so little time at home. His business demanded attention six days of the week, and on Sundays he often played golf in the mornings. After lunch he cut the lawn if it needed it, otherwise he cleaned the car or fell asleep in front of the television.
    She knew that Michael wasn't the only man to follow the same dull routine every weekend. Her friend Susan Edwards was always complaining that her husband Bill did the same thing, but she said it with a smile on her face, and a look in her eyes that told a different story. The magic was still there for Bill and Susan, but Verity knew that it had gone missing from her life, though she wasn't sure whose fault it was.
    For a long time, while Jane was still a small child, she'd been happy enough; they had still shared a small joke or an intimate smile, but of late even those things had vanished. They hadn't had sex for weeks – they hadn't made love for more than two years, and there was a difference.
    Verity hadn't forgotten what it felt like to make love, to know the warmth and satisfaction, the sharing that comes from being close to the man you care for. She had loved Michael once, perhaps she still did deep down. He was still undoubtedly an attractive man with his thick, slightly wavy hair, which was a darkish blond in colour, his blue eyes and rather heavy brows. But his character had changed of late and there were times now when she felt she was living with a stranger, and someone she didn't always like very much.
    To a casual observer, Verity was the very essence of Today's Woman. Efficient, well groomed, with an air of confidence, a friendly manner and a look in her eyes that warned she meant what she said. Dealers liked her because she was businesslike and they knew where they stood with her. She didn't lie about her stock and she'd become known for having good, genuine pieces. But she had something more, a vitality that made her eyes shine and her laughter was infectious, though she wasn't aware of it herself.
    Verity was brought out of her reverie as the shop bell pinged and two men came in. She had seen one of them several times before, a dealer in his fifties who bought things from her occasionally, but she was sure the younger man hadn't been in before. He was tall and well built with soft brown hair that waved slightly back from his forehead and greenish blue eyes, and he towered over his rather short and chubby companion.
    'Mrs Lovelace,' Harry Barton said and grinned at her. Harry always wore a suit and his shoes were highly polished. He was a cheerful, confident man who loved his work and Verity rather liked him. 'You're looking gorgeous as usual, and this shop smells like a dream.' Harry was part Irish and known in the trade as a charmer.
    'It's the potpourri,' she said with a smile. 'That sunshine is nice. It was rather cold when I came in this morning but I should think it's getting a bit warmer out now, isn't it?'
    'Summer is on its way, slowly but coming,' he replied and gestured to his taller companion. 'This is my sister's boy, Joshua Roberts. He was working as a carpenter for a furniture business but the firm went bust last month, nothing to do with Josh here.' He gave his nephew a jovial poke in the ribs. 'I've taken him on with me. He's a craftsman, and I think he deserves better than to be a carpenter. He could be a restorer of fine furniture, and he'll be good at it.'
    The younger, good-looking man pulled a wry face as he looked at Verity. 'What my uncle means is that I'm useful to carry things, but if I take the right classes I might make a restorer of antique furniture one day.'
    'Good restorer's are few and far between,' Verity told him. 'I hope you stick at it, Mr Roberts. I was disappointed with the last piece I had done.'
    'Next time give me a buzz,' Harry said. 'I can probably point you in the right direction. I know a couple of good men in the area.'
    Verity gave him one of her dazzling smiles. 'That is kind of you, thank you, I shall.'

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    Changeling: Of Elves and Men. Excerpt One

    Hi all,

    I just thought I would give readers a bit of something special to read, an excerpt from my first book published with NCP, Changeling: Of Elves and Men.

    Please enjoy this excerpt, involving the very hot couple on the front cover! :D

    Shane never once looked over his shoulder to acknowledge Ivy there so close behind him. Only once he strode in through the French doors and into the hall where the bedrooms were located, did he spin around to face her.

    “Damnit, Ivy. I told you you weren’t to come tonight.”

    “And I told you what you want has nothing at all to do with me!”

    Looking up into his raging eyes, Ivy lifted her head higher and reminded herself that she was not afraid of his fury. She had just followed him back here to tell him that he had no right to tell her what to do, that was all.

    With a growl, Shane took a step forward and wrapped an arm around her waist before she could step back nimbly to avoid him. As his lips crushed hers, he felt any resistance she felt toward him wavering. This hadn’t been what he had planned to have happen at all. When they pulled away from each other, Shane’s eyes raked over her body, taking in her reddened lips that looked like they had been well kissed.

    His jaw tightened, as he told himself to stand away from her.

    “If you followed me just because you wanted to sleep with me, there were better ways of doing that,” he said, trying to turn his frustration into sardonic amusement.

    This time, it was Ivy’s turn to growl her frustration. “You stupid, stupid man!” she told him, though Shane noted with interest that it was not exactly a denial of his supposition.

    With the hint of a smile playing the edges of his lips, he stepped toward her again, curious to see if she would dodge him the second time around. His fingers found her hand, and silkily, laced their way between her fingers. The simmering heat in his eyes drew her in despite herself, and when the door closed soundly, Shane wasn’t the only one behind it.

    Again, he swept towards her, and ravaged her lips, forcing them to move under his as he wished them to, claiming them for his own. Ivy would have moaned if she had been given the breath to do so. As it was, she had to press her body against his to keep herself upright. The rising bulge at the crotch of his jeans told her he didn’t seem to mind. Eventually, she would have to go back to using her own balance to keep her upright. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about that.

    Shane maneuvered them slowly around in a half circle, directing them ever intentionally toward the bed where they would make their consummation of this union. Ivy’s eyes fluttered shut, and she allowed him to guide her where he would. Within the strength of his arms around her, the thought occurred to her that she had never felt safer.

    Her breath rushed out of her when Shane picked her up. A second later, she was placed reverently on the bed, a throw back, she thought, of the injuries he was so convinced he needed to protect her from. Before she could complain, Shane began to undo the buttons of her shirt. She arched up a moment later, so that he could cast first it, and then her bra, aside, somewhere between the bed and the door. Then she was reaching up to him, and his kisses moved down from her lips, to her neck, in an unrelenting trail to the waistband of her pants.

    He looked up at her for a moment, as if waiting for Ivy’s signal that it was okay for him to go on. Willingly, she gave it to him, and her tight, black pants were unbuttoned, then eased down her shapely legs, and forgotten on the floor beside the bed.

    Morning found the two bodies still entwined around each other. It was Shane who woke up first, lifting his finger to flick a strand of Ivy’s dark hair out of her face, which in turn woke her up, too. He had a ready smile on his features, even as Ivy looked around herself in disorientation.

    “What I want has nothing to do with you, huh?” Shane asked. It was the ill-timedness of her comment, just before they had fallen into bed with each other, that amused him.

    Because it so clearly amused him, it angered her, and Ivy immediately pushed him away from her, as much as she could with their legs still entwined. Another moments’ trouble took care of that problem, too. She sat up, grabbing the pale sheet against her chest.

    The smile never left Shane’s lips. “I reckon it’s too late to do that now,” he said to her with a wink that made her flush with embarrassment and anger at the same time.
    * * *

    "Changeling: Of Elves and Men" Now Available at NCP

    For more excerpts, take a look at my personal blog. I promise it won't bite... hard!
    Nikki Watson.

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Beautiful cover for Dragon's Heart!!!


    I have received the BEAUTIFUL cover art for Dragon's Heart! A huge thank you goes out to the talented Alex DeShanks for this cover! I'm over the moon for it!

    Here is the blurb:
    Dragon's Heart By Marly Mathews
    Fantasy Paranormal Romance
    Coming, July 2008 from New Concepts Publishing

    Grania Burns is a dragon-shifter—Dylan Lightfoot is the wizard she's taken an oath to protect…their alliance will kindle the flames of forbidden love—together they will defeat a great evil and save the mortals of Earth from destruction.

    Grania Burns is of the mystical dragon shifter kind. One thousand years ago, Dragon Slayers that sought to eradicate her kind drove her people from Earth. Forced into seclusion, they created a magical realm that would be the only known safe haven for Dragon Shifters. Here, her kind lived in peace, ruled by The Dragon Shifter Royal Family until one day—a man known as Lord Draco incited a rebellion. He lusted for revenge against the humans that once sought to destroy his kind. A civil war on Dragonia ensues when his king and queen move to protect the humans.

    One wizard, Dylan Lightfoot, holds the hope of the good dragon shifter's in his hands. He is a revered and powerful wizard, intent on protecting Earth at all costs. The King and Queen of Dragonia recruit him to put into motion a spell that nearly brought the magic kind their destruction at the hands of the dragon shifters a millennia ago. The dragon shifters destroyed the first spell, but they need Dylan to recreate it for their own use. The spell to turn dragon shifters completely dragon, must be completed. It is their only hope of winning the war, for once a dragon shifter is stripped of their humanity, they will die. Grania and Dylan discover they have a burning inferno pulsing between them—and once Dylan touches Grania's dragon heart, events are put into motion binding them together forever.


    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Are YOU Up to the Challenge?

    Forget kids say the darndest things: try priests say the damndest things. From

    The pastor for Relevant Church in Ybor City is challenging the couples in his congregation to get busy in bed every night for a month.
    Wirth said the supposed 50 percent divorce rate is the reason behind the 30-Day Sex Challenge.
    He said too many couples let the stress of jobs and daily life get in the way of intimacy. But there's a catch to the pastor's every day sex challenge -- it's for married couples only.
    Unmarried people -- even if they are in a long-term relationship or living with someone -- are asked to abstain from sex for 30 days.

    Now, there's even a website for the Challenge. Anyone else think, like Katrina Strauss and I, that it looks like a bad ebook trailer?

    Sunday, February 17, 2008


    The contest for The Violin ended on Valentine's Day. The winner of the basket loaded with goodies and the violin pin is Chrystal Broyles. Congratulations, Crystal. I announced the winner during my featured author chat at Talking TwoLips on February 14th. I was so glad to have the opportunity to be their featured author and I am gratuful for their invitation.
    The Violin is available on, Fictionwise, Amira Press at and from my website at .
    THE VIOLIN by Sarah McNeal (unedited excerpt)
    Amira Press in print or ebook
    Also available at , Fictionwise
    Here is a little snippet from THE VIOLIN:

    The house was quiet and dark as John led Genevieve to his room. He lit a kerosene lantern when they entered the room. The lantern’s light threw a soft, yellow glow around the small quarters. A nightgown was draped over the end of one of the twin beds indicating that Matilda expected Genevieve to stay and left it for her to wear.
    John patted the bed where the nightgown lay. He grinned wickedly as he moved toward her and pulled her close. “If I had been thinking of taking you to my bed, this wouldn’t exactly be what I had in mind,” he whispered close to her ear and chuckled.
    Before Genevieve could answer, John kissed her lightly on the lips and said, “You sleep tight now and dream about me. I’ll see you in the morning.” Then he closed the door and Genevieve stood alone in the little room John shared with his brother with her heart still racing in her chest from the kiss he had just bestowed upon her and the memory of the one he had given her earlier.
    God, this was madness. A few short weeks ago, she didn't even know who these people were and now here she was in a place she didn't belong and in love with a man who died a very long time ago. She couldn't help it though. Why did it all seem so comfortable and so normal?
    Genevieve shook herself from her thoughts and changed into the nightgown that smelled of lye soap and sunshine and sat on the edge of the bed to look around the room.
    Jimmy’s side had shelves filled with models of clipper ships and other sailing vessels, rocks, nature books, books about birds and a picture of his parents nestled in the corner. Tin and celluloid toys were bursting out of a wooden box at the foot of the bed and on his bed was the canon Genevieve had given him.
    John’s side of the room was tidy and well kept. His shelves held math books, a drafting set, two cameras, and several photo albums. Leaning against a little desk was a mandolin and a case containing what she knew was a violin.
    Her heart rolled over in her chest. She got up, laid the violin case on the desk, and opened it. The case looked new and, inside the case, the violin glowed in the soft light. It was in perfect condition and not a scratch on it. She held her breath as she opened the tool pocket but all she found was a tuning pipe and a box of rosin. There was nothing else.
    Her hands trembled as she closed the lid of the violin. She put the violin back where it had been and sat on the edge of the bed. She felt weak and dizzy. She ached inside. This just couldn’t be happening. But it was.

    It won't be much longer until Springs arrives bringing us warm days, leafy green trees and colorful flowers. It makes me happy just thinking about it. My work in progress brings my heart joy, too. HARMONICA JOE'S RELUCTANT BRIDE is my first turn of the century western and it's cheering me up just writing it.

    Until next week when I write another blog on Sunday, I hope you all have a wonderful and joy-filled week.
    All good things,
    Sarah McNeal

    Saturday, February 16, 2008

    Fairy Folklore

    I don't know when it was that my interest in the fantasy genre became a little bit more particular. I remember it wasn't that long ago that I couldn't conceive of a workable urban or mythical fantasy story. It was like the perfect vampire story. I'm intrigued by the idea of writing an epic vampire novel. I just don't think that what I could put out there could compete with the multitudes of vampire fiction already in circulation. Maybe one day...

    When I started with my "Of Elves and Men" trilogy, I remember taking a very loose look at the difference between such a magical race as the elves, in comparison to the men who perhaps were less magically inclined, and how the interrelation between the two kinds would work in a modern setting. That was the premise for "Changeling". I spent hardly any time going into the background of the magic used. I gave more time to the background mythology, which I suppose was why I couldn't leave it there, and soon went back in time, to approximately the Dark Ages, where "Ascent" starts. I endeavored to write a story over how magic was first passed between elves and men and how it was kept from being abused. "Haunted" will be the third book in that trilogy, and that tells of how the magic was lost in the rush forward of technology, within a Georgian setting.

    I only ever meant for that to be a standalone trilogy of three books, but this idea of another race existing alongside our one is something that still fascinates me, even now I've finished writing the "Of Elves and Men" books. There is still so much on the subject to be said. Not to mention read about, and researched, and explored. All things I delight in doing every time I find an interesting subject! :D

    In Celtic mythology, the Sidhe (pronounced "shee") are seen almost as god, or spirits of ancestors and nature of that culture. European folklore sees fairy kind as the sort who would steal human children and sometimes leave one of their own in their place. There have been countless stories and poems written around this folklore, including

    "The Stolen Child" by Keith Donohue, based on the William Butler Yeats' poem of the same name. William Butler Yeats wrote "The Stolen Child" in 1886 and it was not the only thing he wrote on the Fairy Folk. "Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry" and "Fairy Folk Tales of Ireland" were written in 1888 and 1892 respectively. W. B. Yeats was an Irish poet who grew up in Sligo.

    Nikki Watson.

    "Changeling: Of Elves and Men" Now Available at NCP

    Beautiful new cover art!!!

    I am just blown away by the cover for Journey's End which is the thirteenth and final installment of the Legacy of the Celtic Brooch Series at The Wild Rose Press! RJ Morris designed the cover and she did such an AMAZING job on it!!! Thank you so much, RJ!!! You have blessed me with a most beautiful cover!
    I'm off to stare at it some more!


    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    When Dreams Come True Release Date

    By Pat Cromwell

    My second book, When Dreams Come True is scheduled for release on February 28. It will be available at Red Rose Publishing.

    Chris is jaded. After a disastrous relationship with an obsessive ex boyfriend she has adopted a love-them-and-leave-attitude. The last thing she wants is to get involved on an emotional level, but she finds him sexy, off the wall, and very charming, so she has no qualms about pursuing a no strings attached relationship with him. Kenneth, however, has other plans.The minute he saw Chris he made his intentions clear to her that he wanted more than a one night stand. straight shooter, live for the moment guy, Kenneth pursues Chris with a sometimes comical edge, but always with a determination to overcome their biggest obstacle – Chris’s refusal to believe that love at first sight is real and that he is serious when he says he loves her. But how do you convince someone, who has been burned in the past, that the flame he’s carrying for you now is meant to give warmth and not to burn? Kenneth is up to the task, after all, when dreams come true the bumps in the road are worth it.

    Happy Reading!

    Pat Cromwell

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    RWA Online's Valentine's Day Party Chat, TONIGHT!

    PhotobucketPhotobucketJoin us for RWA Online's Valentine's Day Party Chat tonight starting at 9pm EST and running until 11pm EST! We have several of our published author members attending. There will be prizes to be won, including books, a box of Godiva Valentine's Day Truffles, and a pair of Sterling Silver Gemstone Earrings! Please drop by and join in on the party! We'd love to see you there!
    Here is the link to the RWA Online Public Chat Room!

  • Here are a few pics of the available prizes!


    Monday, February 11, 2008

    Come chat with me tomorrow...

    I have an upcoming chat tomorrow 2/12/08! I along with other Amira Press authors will be chatting in the Romance Room tomorrow all day. You do have to join the group to participate but it is well worth it! I will be giving away another copy of Destiny's Holiday, and maybe another goodie or two so be sure and stop by! Go here to sign up and participate.

    Hope to see you all there! :-)

    Destiny's Decisions...

    Well for once I'm on time with my blogging day. LOL I actually woke up this morning and remembered will wonders never cease.

    While I've been steadily working on Doomed to be Charmed my gay paranormal romance I've also started another sequel to Destiny's Choices that I've tentatively titled Destiny's Decisions. It takes place a year after Destiny's Choices and Tiana and James' troubles aren't over yet, as much as they would like them to be. Here's a little teaser for the book!

    “My gallery.” Tiana sighed and then rubbed her eyes tiredly with her other hand. “It’s toast, James.”

    She heard a thump, and then James’ breath accelerated. “Someone burned it down?”

    “No, but they might as well have. The front window is busted out, the door is hanging on one hinge, and from what I can see through the window, any and all stock I had is completely destroyed. Anything that was breakable is smashed. I can’t see the glass case that I locked the beadwork in but it’s probably been destroyed as well.”

    “Stay right there. Don’t get out of your truck, you are in your truck right?”

    “Of course.”

    “Stay there, and lock yourself in. Whoever did this could still be around, and I don’t want you getting hurt.”

    “I know that James, I’m not a complete idiot.” Tiana growled.

    “Sorry babe, can’t help it. I just found you again, and I have no intention of losing you the way we did Grandmother. Have you called the police yet?”

    At the mention of her grandmother’s death the year before, Tiana’s heart clenched tightly before she took a deep breath and released the tension.

    “You’re kidding right? After what happened last year, I think it’s going to be a long time before I trust a tribal cop again.” Tiana’s voice turned sour.

    Tiana heard James take a deep breath. “Tiana, you can’t blame what happened with Starla on the entire tribal police force. Most of them are good people, she was just one bad apple in the barrel.”

    “Want to bet?” Tiana muttered beneath her breath. No way was she trusting anyone but James from now on. He might not be a cop, but she would trust him with her life. He would never betray her, she knew that with complete certainty.

    “Tiana.” James’ voice wasn’t scolding precisely, but it got his point across none the less.

    “Yeah, yeah. I know, one bad apple in the barrel. I still trust you more than I’ll ever trust a tribal cop again. Call them if you want to, but I’m not going to.”

    “Well now, if that’s not a declaration of love, I don’t know what is. Be still my beating heart.” James teased, a mechanism he frequently applied when worried.

    “Yeah, well it might be another year before you hear it again, babe.” Tiana emphasized the last word, teasing him right back.

    “Is that a challenge?”

    “Nah, just stating a fact.” She replied nonchalantly.

    (c) 2008 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.

    Sunday, February 10, 2008

    Valentine's Day

    I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day this year with a chat on Talking Two Lips group. I'll be talking about my latest release, THE VIOLIN. Sometime between 12 o'clock noon and 6 o'clock PM I'll be giving away the the big prize from my violin contest that's been going on since the first of February. It's an easy contest and there's still some time left to get in on a chance to win a big basket of delicious treats including a precious little violin pin in its own little violin case. It's an adorable little violin pin. Just go to my website at, read the excerpt from THE VIOLIN in the books section and email me the answers to the three questions posted in the Contest section. Be sure to put Violin Contest in the subject line of your email.
    I hope you'll join me for the chat on Talking Two Lips Valentine's Day. I look forward to seeing you there.
    Here is a review for The Violin:

    Title: The Violin
    Category: Historical Paranormal
    Reviewer: Kathleen R.
    Reviewer email:
    Author: Sarah McNeal
    Publisher: Amira Press
    ISBN #: 9781934475225
    Author homepage:
    Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5
    Format: PRINT/EBOOK
    Publishing editor: Robin
    Content Editor: Sarah
    Catchy Snippet:
    Genevieve Beaumont often dreams about a teasing rogue from the turn of the last century. A collector of antiques, she sees a well used violin in a shop. Stunned, she’s certain the violin belonged to the man in her nocturnal adventures and goes through a time warp to find him.
    Former foster child Genevieve longs for warm family ties and fills her apartment with furnishings from yesteryear. She is haunted by dreams about a man who plays the violin beguilingly. When she finds a violin with photos and his 1927 death certificate in an antique shop, she has enough information to research the life of John Douglas. Locating the abandoned Pennsylvania cottage where he once lived, she enters it. Overcome from the shock of its familiarity, she faints to the floor. When she awakens, she is doted upon by the enticing rogue and his entire family.
    John’s mother, Matilda, worries over Genevieve, the pretty young woman who somehow wandered into their home. Matilda convinces her to stay by asking for her help with making pies, a cake, and baked beans for the church picnic. As the Douglas family guest, Genevieve learns that John is considered a wild, bad boy and is sometimes with Ruby, a femme fatale. He also has a tender side. Genevieve falls in love. Does Ruby cause him so much anguish that he drowns himself in two feet of water? Can Genevieve save him? Will she have to leave this wonderful man and era?
    Author Sarah McNeal writes a sweet romance of a man and woman across time. Tears welled in my eyes when John comforted Genevieve about her past. His family doesn’t always approve of him, but they love him. I adored Genevieve, an appreciative and strong woman who has a positive impact on others. I highly recommend THE VIOLIN to my friends who would like to experience life true to the 1920s, a time gifted author McNeal knows well.

    All good things to your corner of the universe.
    Sarah McNeal

    Friday, February 8, 2008

    Mills & Boon 100th Birthday Party

    The cover art is the copyright of Harlequin Mills & Boon. This is the picture of my regency published in December 2007

    Hi everyone. Yesterday, wearing my Anne Herries hat, I went to the Mills & Boon 100th birthday party. this wonderful romance publisher is, with Harlequin, the largest and probably the most successful publisher of romance worldwide. They were started all those years ago by a Mr Mills who was then joined by Mr Boon and their first book happened to be a romance. Over the years they have grown into a household name and given pleasure to millions of people worldwide.

    Last night they threw a wonderful party for authors, editors and people who were associated with them in some way. Torches flared at the door and pink flamingoes on stilts walked about waving feathers at the arriving guests. Held in the Wallace Collection in Manchester Square it was a glittering occasion with plenty of champagne and cocktails - also speeches from a celebrity and members of the M&B hierachy. However, because of the crush it wasn't easy to hear anyone speaking.

    I think it acheived their aim, which was to bring publicity for the publisher. They thanked the authors, because, as they said, they couldn't do it without us. I hope the next hundred years will be as good for them, though I shall not be around to see it!

    Thursday, February 7, 2008

    New stuff on my website...

    Well, Kayleigh isn't the only one highjacking Pat's day to post! LOL Here I thought I'd be one of the ones who posted faithfully on her day, and oopsss this is the third week that I've posted late. Oh, well with all the deadlines I've been dealing with lately, it's a wonder I know what day it is! LOL

    I added the new desktop wallpaper mentioned in last week's post, so if you want to get a larger version of "Communion" the picture with my elf Ayana and her pet dragon, you can find it here.

    I've also added a new contest for February. January's contest for a copy of my holiday sequel to Destiny's Choices, Destiny's Holiday, went so well that I decided to have a second contest. This is for those of you who didn't have a chance to take advantage of the special to get this sequel for free when you purchased a copy of Destiny's Choices over the holidays. While you can read Destiny's Holiday on its own, you will understand Tiana's world better if you read Destiny's Choices first.

    Oh, and there's a brand new newsletter out! To get access to your copy, sign up for Regina's Universe. Oh, and you get access to all sorts of other freebies as well including a serial Native American reincarnation romance called Soul Memories, so be sure and sign up today!

    Hearing from the readers

    By Pat Cromwell

    One of the things I like most about being a writer is hearing from people who have read my book, Behind Blue Eyes. One fan in particular has sent me several emails about my first published work. I love the way she expressed herself and the encouragement in her words. I especially love the fact that she understood the hero. Her kind words made my day!

    Excerpt from Behind Blue Eyes
    "His gaze slowly wandered from her doe-like eyes past her patrician nose, to her full, luscious lips. Her skin was the shade of café au lait and he imagined that it felt just as smooth and tasted just as sweet while still bold and strong. Just the way he liked it. Without conscious thought, his eyes perused her body and he saw in her something he had purposely denied seeing in the past. He saw a desirable woman; Seine had grown up.

    Then she moistened her lips. It was an action so innocent and one he had seen her do on many occasions, but today it took on a completely new meaning. Curiosity gave way to an emotion that he had clamped down on years ago - need. A simple swipe of her lips with that perky little tongue and he knew he was lost. He wanted to characterize what he was feeling as nothing more than a reaction to a sexy girl, but he could not. Of the women he’d known, and there had been plenty, not one had ever affected him like that."

    Check out Behind Blue Eyes today and drop by my website for snippets of my future releases, works in progress, etc.

    Happy Reading!
    Pat Cromwell
    Behind Blue Eyes at

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008


    Feast your eyes on the cover for ENCHANTED BEAUTY! WOO-HOO! I'm still on the new cover high. LOL The cover for Enchanted Beauty was created by the talented Alex DeShanks! I'm very pleased with it. :) Enchanted Beauty is a full length fantasy paranormal romance coming soon from New Concepts Publishing!

    Here's the tag line and blurb:
    Annabelle Hawthorne-Morton is a beauty with a mysterious past—Lord Malachi Hawthorne is the beast that will touch her heart—she will heal his tortured soul and he will bring the light back into her dark world.

    Annabelle Hawthorne Morton hails from an ancient mystical line—even though she herself has not been endowed with the mark of magic that the magic-kind of Thaliana are born with. Despite this, she aspires for magical greatness, and while performing a spell the enchantment backfires in her face, robbing her of half her sight. But it doesn't take her long to realize that within a few months she will be completely blind. When her father enrages the local lord and he's imprisoned for his crimes, Annabelle must muster her courage and save her father from the beast's wrath.

    Lord Malachi Hawthorne, Earl of Markham has been horribly disfigured during a magical battle. His sister betrayed him—and now her curse has put him into his own living hell. Believing that the outside world will revile him for his monstrous appearance, he retreats to his enchanted castle. He is determined to make Annabelle's father his indentured servant, until he meets Annabelle. He quickly decides that she is the one that might finally set him free from his living hell, and knows he must have her as his own.

    Have a lovely day, everyone!


    Edited to add: I just found Enchanted Beauty's cover on the sneak peek page over at New Concepts Publishing! I'm thrilled!
  • Enchanted Beauty on the sneak peek page at NCP!
  • Tuesday, February 5, 2008

    The Many Emotions of An Author

    Creativity is a strange thing. A blessing, a curse, a form of insanity... It's a fascinating truth that many creative people are at best odd, and at worst just plain nuts. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out why that is, since a good portion of my life before I found my niche was passed thinking I was cuckoo bananas. After all, normal people don't spend hours, days, weeks, living entirely in their heads, do they? Normal people don't find the stories they create in their minds more interesting than real life. And normal people certainly don't talk to themselves in order to work out bits of dialog amongst their characters. Hell, do normal people even think up characters?

    Since I'm not a normal person, I couldn't tell you.

    You've heard me talk about "suckitis" before, that crushing fear of failure that often comes following the completion or release of a new book. You'd think I'd feel accomplished, proud, happy. I do - for a while. Then the apprehension sets in.

    Case in point: Leading Her to Heaven is now available in print. It's the first book of mine to get to print. When my copies arrived on friday, I went through a range of emotions and activities. I cried. I giggled like a maniac. I sniffed the inside. I flipped through the pages. All expected.

    Then the weirdness set in. Looking at my book now, I feel...weird. It's been available in ebook format for over a year now, and has been well received. But the suckitis has hit yet again, and I didn't anticipate it this time.

    Another thing I didn't see coming: I'm actually a bit embarrassed by the sex scenes. My gravy, I used the word "cock" a lot in this book. For some reason, it's different to see it in print than on the screen.

    Overall, I'm exceedingly happy to finally be in print - there's a sense of accomplishment and vindication - but right now, I just feel...weird.

    My publisher has given me a deadline (at my request) of May for Reckless Liaisons. I'm hoping that being under the gun will help me get my ass in gear so that I can begin writing again, and stop thinking about the weirdness.


    Sunday, February 3, 2008


    Have you ever had a dream that haunted you? Maybe you knew it meant something you needed to know, something of great portent, but you couldn't figure it out. So you thought about it often and wondered if it was a sign sent from some other world. How disappointed would they be if you didn't get it?

    I had been missing a pair of earrings that were very dear to me. My mother had died recently and I was frantic to find them. I had worn them the night she died. I was twenty-seven years old and not ready to take on the world without my mother in it. I felt that, if I could find them, I could find a little piece of her spirit somehow and that might bring me peace.

    A few months after her funeral I had a dream. She came to me there in that place between the living and the dead when all our defenses are down and the channels are open. She whispered to me. "You'll find your earrings in your coat pocket. That's where you put them the last time I saw you."

    The following morning I felt stupid to believe that dreams come true or that spirits might find a way to speak with us in our sleep. None-the-less, I looked in my coat pocket--and there they were. I had worn that coat the night she died and found it too painful to ever wear it again.

    Maybe it was just a subconscious wish, but I believe it was, in deed my mother, trying to speak to me across the vale to bring me serenity and help me let goe.

    In THE VIOLIN, Genevieve has dreams that seem to come true. They will not let her rest. She dreams of John, a man who drownd in two foot of water over seventy-five years ago. Her dreams lead her to the violin and the violin leads her back in time to John. What do her dreams mean? Is there something she's supposed to do? Can she change history?

    The answers lie in THE VIOLIN available at, and Fictionwise or at my website at in print or ebook.
    I hope you'll drop by my website and enter my contest. I'm giving away a huge basket of delicious goodies including a violin pin that comes in its own little case. There's a picture of it on my website in case you're curious. If you like, you can tell me about a dream of yours.
    All good things to your corner of the universe,
    Sarah McNeal

    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    Blogging over at The HEA Cafe today!

    I'm blogging over at The HEA Cafe today, so please stop by and check it out! Leave me a comment and say hi! Just for those that don't know, The HEA Cafe is the blog for the published members of my online chapter, RWA Online where I am currently serving my second term as President.


    Friday, February 1, 2008

    A Shameful Secret

    I missed last week. I apologise. My excuse is that I had a big promotion day on, which is no excuse. I thought about it, had to go out and then got caught up in the excitement when I got back. Anyway, I am here this week.

    My new book with Amira Press should be out later today. I love the cover, which I have put up for you. A Shameful Secret is a Regency. Hester has shamed her family and her father decreed that she should never be forgiven. She has remained in the country, never going anywhere for some years as a punishment, but now things look as if they may change.

    Next week is going to be busy for me. I am going to the RNA Awards lunch on Monday and on thursday to the 100th birthday party for Mills and Boon in London. It should be fun to see everyone and I am looking forward to it

    Two days ago I started a new group. It is to link with the Red Roses For Authors/Reviews. I review romance books at RRFP together with some friends and now we have a group to support that, which will make it easier when we do awards because people will be able to vote more easily. We already have several members but I am hoping the group will grow and I welcome new members so please come and join us at

    We shall be pleased to see you there, and if you are an author you can promote yourself and send excerpts as much as you like.

    My latest book with Severn House - Love Is Not Enough/Linda Sole has been bought for audio, which is very exciting. The extra money is nice and it is good to reach another audience. I don't know if I've told you on here but I have revamped my website - at least my whizzkid did it for me. Pop over and take a look if you wish. I have two other blogs which can be reached through the website. I think that is all my news for now. Love from Linda