Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Release from Regina Paul...

I have a new release called A Gift From Home. This is my first f/f romance and I'm really excited to see what my readers think! LOL It's a bit of a different direction for me but since I've also written m/m I figured why not f/f. The story just sort of came to me and it's looking like this may be the first of a series of GLBT stories featuring f/f and m/m characters.

Blurb: Melanie has always known she was attracted to women and not men. Kicked out of the only home she's ever known when she was eighteen, Melanie has been on her own for years. Verbally abused her whole life by her mother because she is tall, big boned, tan, and god forbid, a brunette, Melanie used her mother's disappointment in her sexual orientation as an excuse to chart her own course. But when a bus ticket along with a plea to come home for Thanksgiving arrives out of the blue, Melanie is less than enthused, and suspicious. However, it is not her mother who arrives to pick her up at the bus station, but a familiar and beautiful blond.

Melanie and Loraleigh fall hard for each other, but Melanie's mother has other more sinister plans. Will they be able to stop Melanie's mother and have their fondest wishes or will their dreams of the future go up in smoke?

Just click on the cover and buy your copy today!